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NS2: Combat 9.12.2015 Update & Price Reduction!

Posted on Sep 22, 2015


9.12.2015 Update

Good news everyone! Update 9.12.2015 has gone live! This update is a complete overhaul of NS2: Combat. We’ve also released a new map with the patch: Legacy! Some of the more notable balance changes we’ve made are how XP is rewarded and how the armor on the Hive and CC now functions. Prior to this update XP was rewarded on the kill. The player who made the kill got the majority of XP, while any other players who may have dealt damage to the killed player received a far smaller amount of XP as an “assist”. This system has been replaced with a streaming XP system, meaning you are immediately rewarded XP for each point of damage that you inflict. The player who makes the kill still gets a small XP bonus. This keeps the game play fast paced and reduces the level gap between rookies and experienced players, without punishing either player.

The next big change we made is how armor functions for the Hive and CC. Pre-patch the armor on both command structures would prevent 100% of all damage dealt while any amount of armor remained on said structure. What we’ve done is allowed a small amount of damage through the armor; regardless of how much armor remains. Gone are the days of hour long stalemates!

Along with these two amendments, we’ve revisited every aspect of Combat and re-balanced, fixed, and pretty much made everything more awesome! The changelog is pretty massive, so head over to our Steam page to check out the full list of changes! If you haven’t played Combat in awhile, now is the time to drop in on one of our scheduled public games and try out the changes and the new map: Legacy for yourself!

Follow our Steam page to keep up-to-date on what’s coming and to make sure you get all of our scheduled public game announcements!


Price Reduced!

To accompany the release of the 9.12.2015 update, we’ve dropped the price of NS2: Combat! You can now pick up a copy of this amazing fast-paced, asymmetrical alien vs marine twitch shooter for only $5.99! To further sweeten the deal we’ve also dropped the price of the 4-pack to only $9.99! Now is the perfect time to get you and your friends in on the action! Head on over to our store page to pick up your copy!



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NS2: Combat release date announced, Store page now live on Steam!

Posted on Oct 10, 2014

Today we’re proud to announce that we now have a presence on Valve’s Steam Store. Check out NS2: Combat on Steam!

If you’d like to know more detail, we have made a short Q&A about NS2:Combat, available here.

To go along with this, we’ve prepared a nice new teaser video for you:

This represents the culmination of a big journey for us and we’re super excited to be able to get this game into your hands very soon!


Massive thanks to Hugh Jeremy from Unknown Worlds and to the rest of the team for helping us get this far, it’s a big step and we’re going to keep on working to make Combat the best game it can be.

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