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NS2: Combat updates + New Site Design

Posted on Feb 27, 2015

Have no fear, NS2: Combat is still being worked on and we’re on schedule to release our second content update in March! In addition, if we can get them in sooner, a raft of new balance changes are on the way which will make the game a lot more dynamic and introduce some fun new strategies.

We’ll talk more about what you’ve got in store next week. Here are some work-in-progress shots of some things we’re developing: a new ‘heavy cannon’ and a lovely-looking flag for a new game mode.



Distinctly aware that the tumbleweed was starting to pile around the site, we’re also working on a content refresh behind the scenes. Though they are notoriously shy, we’ll also try and put up some short developer interviews with past and present members of the team about what they have been working on if we can convince them to spill the beans…

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NS2: Combat release date announced, Store page now live on Steam!

Posted on Oct 10, 2014

Today we’re proud to announce that we now have a presence on Valve’s Steam Store. Check out NS2: Combat on Steam!

If you’d like to know more detail, we have made a short Q&A about NS2:Combat, available here.

To go along with this, we’ve prepared a nice new teaser video for you:

This represents the culmination of a big journey for us and we’re super excited to be able to get this game into your hands very soon!


Massive thanks to Hugh Jeremy from Unknown Worlds and to the rest of the team for helping us get this far, it’s a big step and we’re going to keep on working to make Combat the best game it can be.

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