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NS2: Combat


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What is Natural Selection 2: Combat?

Natural Selection 2: Combat is a First-Person team oriented multiplayer shooter developed by Faultline Games — published by Unknown Worlds Entertainment.  Developed using the stunning SPARK engine, NS2: Combat pits the ever-evolving alien race known as the Kharaa against the technologically advanced space marines of the Trans-System Federation.


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Two asymmetrical sides fight against each other for survival and domination in a fast-paced action packed experience.  Marines rely heavily on technology, building high-tech weaponry and structures, while the Kharaa evolve, growing bigger and stronger, eventually becoming completely different life-forms with unique abilities.

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How to play?

When players join a server they start in the Ready Room an intermediate area where players can hang out and choose which race they’ll be playing as. Players may also choose to join a random team, or spectate matches.

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Once a round starts, both teams battle it out, earning experience points for purchasing advanced weaponry, abilities upgrades and different lifeforms. The team that destroys the opposing race’s command structure wins the match.

Two asymmetrical sides

NS2: Combat adds fast-paced gameplay elements that allow players to choose from a wide variety of play styles while still helping their team to win.

Where Natural Selection 2 requires each team to have a “commander” to be effective, NS2: Combat removes the commanders entirely and gives the player the freedom to play the style they choose.