Online meetings have become daily, however interacting just by talking can be tedious, so you can bring the game room to your video call.

The online fun options are varied, but to be able to play in a video call media the options are more difficult to find.

Y8 games

The isolation has made us creative in terms of the dynamics that we can have while we are in videoconference, chatting and living with friends, because over the weeks, being just talking can be tedious for the most restless and therefore you can find Poki games and online options to make video conferencing more fun.

Some of the options require registration, however others only need to create a microsite to invite friends who want to participate. The idea is that the game dynamics is simple for everyone.


This platform is like a Pictionary, where players can choose the number of rounds they will have to face, as well as the level of difficulty of the words they will have to draw. Allow up to 12 people to play and the faster you guess the word, the more points you will have.

Y8 Enough online

The classic Y8 game comes online to prove that it is one of the games that have entertained the most. On the platform you can choose how many players are going to participate, the number of rounds, the categories, the language and if you want a special theme.

Y8 One online

Another of the classic friv games that you can play online is One, the modality can be up to four players and is equal to the dynamics of the board game, however the free version of the game forces participants to see a commercial every certain number of games, so if you are looking for the paid version, you can make a membership on the site.

Y8 Krunker

It is a basic shooting game where you form teams and you must complete certain missions. The idea is that you play individually against your friends or that you look for the group mode to play with other groups online, however although this second mode can be attractive, you must take into account the network of others and the team from where they are playing, as this could be a disadvantage. The game has a free version and a paid version.

Y8 Karaoke

Although it is not really a game, it is a dynamic that you can bring to your online conversations. Sing Ok is one of the platforms that allows you to choose songs and share the screen so that everything in your conversation can follow the lyrics of the song you're singing.

You can also send song challenges and opt for the versions without lyrics to make it difficult for the group dynamics.

Y8 Houseparty

The video conferencing app has several loaded games, ranging from the popular Fornite, to iconic online games like trivias and Quick Draw. The application has become one of the most popular because it combines video conferencing and online games, however it is one of the apps that has been most controversial for data security than its users.